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TALKideas Co. is primarily designed for tutorial services and customer support services which can be done both in online and offline settings. TALKideas uphold its mission "empower everyone to communicate and learn by sharing ideas, zeal and knowledge".

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Our Featured Tutorials

Here are some of the tutorials that we offer.

online english tutorial

Online English Learning

This is to enhance your English through focus conversations. Materials are provided which can be printed and downloaded on your smart phones, tablets and laptops anywhere and any time. Precise learning level will be given with the best teacher on your speaking practices. Teaching will be done via Skype with audio and video available, interactive to motivate students.

german language tutorial

German Language Tutorial

Our goal is to educate students toward learning the german language. Through our tutorial, students will finish various levels such as A1, A2, and B1 within a short time and take an official examination afterwards. This will enable them to give proof of their language level when facing the visa interview as a requirement in working or studying in Germany.

autocad tutorial

Adobe Autocad Tutorial

The industry-leading computer-aided design (CAD) software. If you’ve ever tried it out before, you’ll know that the software can seem very advanced if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are so many tools and commands to get to learn, with our expertise in the software, you will learn how to create 2D and 3D designs and make blueprints from concept to construction.


Services Offered

Here are the list of services that we offer.

online and classroom turorial

Online and Classroom Tutorials

This is to enhance your skills and knowledge of the subject or course that you want to learn through actual activities and focus conversation that can be done both online and offline settings. We also provide materials and handouts for further learning at home.

data entry

Data Entry

This is to act as clerk or typist that enters information into electronic formats with the utilization of Microsoft software application in the computer. This also includes entering information into the computerized database accurately and up to date.

online marketing

Online Marketing

This is to help you promote your product and services by developing and designing websites/blogs. We will formulate better (SEO)Search Engine Optimization for your website so that your business will be easily found by your clients in the web. Your business will not only engage locally because we will help you promote it globally.

web research

Web Research

This is to help you gather accurate information from the internet based on the topics given. We have all the facilities that will help you in gathering data and as a result, we will be able to submit those data on time. You will no longer spend time in gathering those information because we are doing it for you.

article writing

Article Writing

This is to help you formulate articles based on the topic and audience that you have chosen. We will be helping you by appropriating the grammar, punctuation, sentences, words, and structure of paragraphs. We will assist you in publishing your articles in the web therefore, you will meet your expectation in having a higher number of audience.

english critique

English Critique

This is the reading of your electronic copy of manuscript, detect and correct errors of it. You can expect that your documents will be consistently accurate in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Excellent command of language required by universities, journals, public institutions and business community will be provided.

How It Works?

Here are the steps for you to follow in order to get our services.

For Online English Tutorial

  •   Complete English online enrollment form. or contact English Speaking partners from your country.
  •   Wait for confirmation via email and skype.
  •   Receive information about English learning schedules and English Teacher class schedule.
  •   Start classes.

For Offline/Classroom Tutorials

  •   Complete enrollment form for the tutorial that you want to enroll. Or you can visit TALKideas office directly for more information.
  •   Wait for confirmation through calls, email, skype, facebook messenger and other social media accounts.
  •   Receive information about the tutorial schedules, mode of payments and Teacher class schedule.
  •   Start classes.

For Other Online Related Services

  •   Contact TALKideas directly for your concern or Chat.
  •   Wait for confirmation through email, skype, facebook messenger and other social media accounts.
  •   TALKideas representative will directly communicate and assist you for your needs.

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